MINECRAFT esports Tournament

22 September 2022



The esports Tournament will make use of three worlds, with each taking place at different stages throughout the tournament and brackets. Each world will be themed off a different mythological deity across different mythologies and cultures. Each worlds core event will be based off of a maze-based event, involving teams entering from opposing sides of a maze and navigating their way to the exit.

The first team to do so successfully will take victory. The maze itself will consist of various riddles, puzzles, and challenges linked to specific academic outcomes and skills, which upon completion will guide or provide hints to team members to the best navigation routes through the maze. Although the overarching maze acts as the event, each challenge, riddle, and puzzle facing students along the way tests a number of 21st Century Skills and academic performance and prowess.

“Failure Doesn’t Mean Game Over. It Means Try Again With Experience.”

RGB Gaming has partnered with Comic Con Africa and KidsCon. We will be hosting the largest primary school esports tournament in South Africa.
• Schools will partake with 1 participating team of 4 players + coach – Player age groups are limited to grade 6 and 7 (team may consist of mixed grades).
• Players are required to bring only peripherals (own headset. NB – No game controllers, game pads, Xbox or PlayStation controllers are allowed in the tournament)
• This is a LAN event at KidsCon, co-located at Comic Con Africa and would require that the participants and spectators ensure that they are able to get to the event themselves (Johannesburg Convention Centre – old Nasrec / Rand Easter show grounds in the KidsCon area, Hall 8). A detailed schedule will be provided but preparations should be made for arrival at 9:30am and departure at 16:00pm.
• The tournament will start on Thursday 22nd of September with a seeding speed run / knock-out stage.
• The top 8 teams from day 1 will progress to day 2 of the competition into a double elimination, semi and final stage, ultimately claiming the Championship if victorious.
• Prizes for the winning team’s individual players will be sponsored and there will also be a school “spirit” award that will be given to a school showing the best spirit from the attendees at the event (spectators and supporters).
• Each school that participates will receive team passes to Comic Con Africa for the weekend (4 Players and the coach).
• Each school that participates will receive 100 tickets per participating school for student spectators and teachers – Tickets to be utilized on the 22nd and 23rd of September.
• The event will receive major PR and media coverage.
• There are also opportunities to promote the tournament and it’s participants via Comic Con Africa and KidsCon channels as well as through sponsor channels.