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IN-Person - Minecraft education edition Centennial Esports Tournament

academic based esports to increase engagement

Esports through the use of Minecraft Education Edition provides significant academically based, curriculum linked, and pedagogical supported learning opportunities that not only support the development of 21st Century Skills, but also encompasses the development of STEM Skills, Social and Emotional Learning, Connected Learning, and Digital Literacy.

The core focus within the Minecraft Education Edition Esports Tournament is to provide stimulus in terms of the use of M:EE as a game-based learning tool, engagement tool, and extra-curricular platform, as well as expand the overarching M:EE community and use numbers.

“Just as physical exercise can build muscle; computer games stimulate chemical reactions in the brain that help brain development.

Tournament Details

9 April 2022 - Centennial Esports Tournament

Theme and World

The esports Tournament will make use of four worlds, with each taking place at different stages throughout the tournament and brackets. Each world will be themed off a different mythological deity across different mythologies and cultures. Each worlds core event will be based off of a maze-based event, involving teams entering from opposing sides of a maze and navigating their way to the exit.

The first team to do so successfully will take victory. The maze itself will consist of various riddles, puzzles, and challenges linked to specific academic outcomes and skills, which upon completion will guide or provide hints to team members to the best navigation routes through the maze. Although the overarching maze acts as the event, each challenge, riddle, and puzzle facing students along the way tests a number of 21st Century Skills and academic performance and prowess.

“Failure Doesn’t Mean Game Over. It Means Try Again With Experience.”

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